Trailer of “The Price of Sugar” by Bill Haney (narrated by Paul Newman):

The “Price of Sugar” — Uncommon Productions, 2007. Executive Producer: Tim Disney. Directed by Bill Haney. Narrated by Paul Newman—Academy Award-winning actor, director, American icon, and noted philanthropist; The Price of Sugar was his last film. This powerful, heart-wrenching and intelligent examination of the human rights abuses and daily struggles of Haitian sugar cane cutters on the Vicini Company plantations was so compelling that the film was short-listed for the 2008 Academy Awards in the documentary category.

“Big Sugar” Sweet, White & Deadly by Brian McKenna (French, subtitled in English):

“Big Sugar” — Galafilm, 2005.  Written, directed and narrated by Brian McKenna, a prize-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist.  This two-part TV series, aired on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Newsworld, was produced in association with the CBC.  Big Sugar won the Gemeaux Award for Best Documentary and Best Research for a Documentary Series, and was nominated in two other categories.  Big Sugar also won four Golden Sheaf Awards at the 2006 Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival. It is largely focused on human rights abuses taking place on Fanjul Family plantations.

Top Documentary Films

Trailer of “Inferno di Zucchero” by Adriano Zecca (Italian, subtitled in English):

Anderson Cooper‘s (CNN) view on the issue:
Father Pedro Ruquoy interviews sugar cane workers abused by Campollo family:

Eso no se hace“: Campaign in the Dominican Republic against discrimination towards Dominican citizens with Haitian roots:

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Video Story in The New York Times:

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