I could never imagine that at a few hours distance from the world’s largest country there was a situation of exploitation and slavery-like the one I saw, with my own eyes, in the Dominican Republic’s bateys. It is incomprehensible that those who every day make sugar barons more and more wealthy with their work are treated worse and worse every time as if they were real animals. The saddest and most outrageous thing is child labor which is maintained thanks to the complicity of government authorities and the economic support of the United States. The Clarkson-Montesinos Institute will denounce each and every of such abuses. Hence its importance.
– Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

As a former European Ambassador in the Dominican Republic, I had the opportunity several times to spend some days in the bateys. I was very impressed by the extreme poverty and the bad conditions of life of the population of immigrants from Haiti working as slaves for some dominican families. As a former Director of Human rights in the European Commission, the only thing I can say is how is possible in this century to accept by omission this situation.
– Former European Union Ambassador to the Dominican Republic.
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