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The Washington Post: “Sugar Protections Prove Easy to Swallow for Lawmakers across Political Spectrum” by Peter Wallsten y Tom HamburgerDecember 8, 2013

The Economist: “A Storm in Hispaniola“. December 7, 2013

El Pais: “Pariahs of the Caribbean” by Mario Vargas Llosa. November 8, 2013 “The Bitter Lives of Sugar Workers“. October 3, 2013

Dominican Today: “Industries Discard U.S. Report of Child, Forced Labor in Sugar Business“. October 1, 2013

Dominican Today: “Sugar Exports to Europe to Increase this Year“. March 2, 2013

AFL-CIO: “Exploitation of Workers in the Dominican Republic’s Sugar Fields Continues” by Cassandra Waters. February 10, 2013

National Film Board of Canada Blog: “Black Sugar. Modern-Day Slavery in the Dominican Republic” by Carolyne Weldon. February 1, 2013

The Huffington Post: “Dominican Sugar: US To Look Into Reports Of Worker Abuse In Sugar Industry” by Ezequiel Abiu Lopez. April 24, 2012

Photo Blog on “Haitians in Dominican Republic Sugar Plantations Live Anonymous Lives“. March 1, 2012

The Palm Beach Post: “Wikileaks: Fanjuls among ‘Sugar Barons’ who ‘Muscled’ Lawmakers to Kill Free Trade Deal” by Michael LaForgia and Adam Playford. January 2, 2012

The Economist: “Stateless in Santo Domingo” by Luisa Fransua. December 16, 2011

Al Jazeera: “Stranded: Stateless in the Dominican Republic” by Steve Sapienza. July 11, 2011

Dominican Today: “Dominican Sugar Industry Exports Jump 63% to US $157 M“. July 27, 2010 

Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights: “Memo: Constitutional Changes in the Dominican Republic“. February 5, 2010

The New York TimesDominican Crackdown Leaves Children of Haitian Immigrants in Legal Limbo” by Marc Lacey. May 25, 2008

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Financial Times:“Cane Cutters Seek Sweet Life” by Andy Webb-Vidal. March 10, 2006