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Sugar Subsidies: A Bitter Reality on its Influence in American Politics

Written by Teresa De Jesus Many Americans find themselves conflicted on who to vote for in an internal debate on who will get more done for the country this election. It seems like the decision is a life or death…

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A New Member of Bonsucro

Mr. Eduardo Brunet, executive director of Clarkson Montesinos, has been officially accepted as a member of the Board of Directors of Bonsucro. Mr. Brunet is now responsible for the governance and appointments of the Administrative Council. Bonsucro is an international,…

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Cuban Artist Who Spent 22 Years in Prison for Defying Castro Regime Receives Religious Freedom Award

Armando Valladares and his wife, Martha By Leonardo Blair May 13, 2016 NEW YORK — Cuban artist and poet Armando Valladares who spent 22 years in Fidel Castro’s gulags for refusing to put a placard on his desk at work…

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Come schiavi in libertà

  mercoledì 13 aprile, ore 17:00   Franco Angeli Bookshop vi invita alla presentazione del libro   COME SCHIAVI IN LIBERTA’ di Raùl Zecca Castel   Durante l’incontro verrà mostrato il documentario che racconta le condizioni di vita e di lavoro dei braccianti…

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Fray Antonio Montesinos’ Christmas Sermon

Fray Antonio Montesinos – The Christmas Sermon (21st December 1511) Today, on the anniversary of Fray Antonio Montesinos sermon, we pay homage to a brave man, a human rights champion, a priest that put his believes before the mundane interest of…

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