About us

The Clarkson-Montesinos Institute is a human rights organization with a clear mission: denounce human trafficking, exploitation and labor rights violations in the sugar cane industry in the Dominican Republic and promote a sustainable and fair sugar cane industry.

The sugar cane is a beautiful crop but also a tricky one as it cuts your skin like a blade when you hold it tight.The Institute is inspired by its honorary President, Armando Valladares (ex UN ambassador for Human Rights and survivor of more than 20 years in political Cuban prisons); it is fired by the unquenchable love and sheer determination of Father Christopher Hartley (with more than 10 years missionary work in the Bateyes), to assure freedom and dignity for all sugar cane workers; and is sustained in its projects by a group of high profile professionals, lawyers, economists, journalists, government officials, third sector managers, in the Dominican Republic, USA and Europe.

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